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General Description

New to Offshore Handling Systems ltd. growing list of Hands Free work solutions, the Rigger Assist is now available providing rigging activates greater safely work practises.

Due the growing demand for products that provide for industries implementation of a Hands- Free work environment the Rigger assist has been brought online to meet these demands. The complex nature of today’s rigging activities has introduced an alarming list of hazards. Most prevalent of these has been the rise in hand and finger injuries.
The introduction of the Rigger Assist is to provide a multi-functional tool that assists in positioning, moving, sling and retrieval for rigging operations. Allowing Riggers to carry out these demanding tasks from a safe distance thus reducing need to position hands and fingers in high potential risk areas.

Rigger assist is available in two lengths:

Product Name Product Code Lengths
Rigger Assist OHS-RA-440-0000 Short (Non-Extendable)
OHS-RA-100-1500 Long (Extendable Pole)

User Guide


This version comes 44cm long, used for riggers normal daily tasks. Allows for riggers to easily carry on a daily bases, can be attached to tool belts for easy use and location when required.

Lifting Tool Technical Specification

Rigger Assist Short (Non-Extendable): Part Number OHS-RA- 440-0000
Weight: 550g
Strong aluminium handle – Mild Steel Insert – 7mm Mild Steel Tool Attachment.
Tool Length: 44cm
Durable Rubber Hand Grip: Allows for safe distance of 0.5 meter for movement of suspended loads.


Comes fitted on an extensible durable fiberglass pole extendible from 100cm to 150 cm. Used for more complex rigging arrangement when personnel need to maintain a safer distance without compromising control and functionally.

Lifting Tool Technical Specification
Rigger Assist Long (Extendable Pole): Part Number OHS-RA-100-1500
Weight: 1.4 Kg
Material: Strong Fiberglass handle – Aluminium Insert – 7mm Stainless Steel Tool Attachment.
Telescopic Pole: Retracted Length 90cm – Full Extension Length 140cm. 4 Telescopic setting with quick release double click locking mechanism.
Durable Rubber Hand Grip: Allows for safe distance of 1 meter for movement of suspended loads.
Please Note: This tool not designed to be used for leveraging activities.

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