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Offshore Handling Systems have been designing and manufacturing Hands Free Work solutions to the Oil & Gas industry for since 2009. Our uniquely designed product range are now the tools of choice for several upstream and downstream Oil & Majors. From drilling, well completion, production and facility manufacturing Offshore Handing System products provide you with a solution.

Introduction of our product range have allowed for the implementation of a successful hands-free policy by placing your people in safe hands.


Regarded as one of the most hazardous industries on the planet, the complex nature of this industry introduces some of the most difficult manual handling & lifting operations in any workplace. The everchanging nature of this environment ensures that no two lifting operations are the same.

Offshore Handling System Ltd provide a number of products to assist in achieving the safety goals associated with lifting operations in both open cast and underground mining.


With the ever-increasing requirements within the renewable energy sector globally we have seen a dramatic increase in renewable projects. With further reductions required in global carbon emissions, this industry is in massive growth phase.

With larger projects coming online, both onshore and offshore, lifting operations have become ever more complex. The Offshore Handling Systems Ltd product range allows for safe lifting and
positioning for all renewable industry operations from Solar to Wind energy.


With growing global demand for Petro Chemical products the safe running of these facilities is critical. Preventive maintenance operations provide for the efficient running of production. These maintenance operations involve complex rigging operations with the removal of plant and machinery.

Achieving a zero-incident safety program can prove difficult to achieve during shut down maintenance programs. Offshore Handling Systems provides the products to achieve a zero-incident workplace.


The extreme growth within the aerospace industry for both goods and personnel has increased global air traffic to new proportions, not experienced before. Production lines at aerospace manufacturing facilities are at full capacity. The daily requirements to assembly aircrafts to completion is immense with many and varied complex lift operations, both large and heavy in nature. With routine maintenance programs in place for all successful airlines, safe running of these facilities is critical.

Offshore Handling Systems provides extensive hands-free solutions to mitigate safety risks in these areas.

Power Generation

Power Generation is the backbone of any successful economy and maintaining an efficient power grid is vital to the operation of any society. With constant planning, construction and maintenance operations ongoing at regular intervals safety is a critical component in the power generation process.

With ongoing maintenance of equipment, rigging and lifting plans vary in complexity from large plant removal to small running machinery replacement. Lift plan are part of daily activity. Offshore Handling Systems provides extensive hands-free solutions to mitigate safety risks in these areas.

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