Sustainable Procurement

The minimisation of environmental impact, sustainability, quality and value are key drivers in the solutions we devise, and all take high priority from the outset of the planning process.

We specialise in manufacture in hands free work solutions targeting the reduction of hand and finger injuries in the work place, by sourcing cost effective products which are sustainable, durable and offer the highest return on your investment. Through our innovative approaches, technical prowess and extensive supply chain knowledge, our main goal is to maximise your ROI and provide you with the highest quality products at a favourable price point.

Pivotal to our success as a sustainable manufacturing supplier is our ability to balance humanitarian and environmental needs with economic progress and commercial development. As a responsible corporation we are committed to safeguarding the environment and global communities within it by integrating the core principles of sustainable procurement supply into every aspect of our service, culture and practices.

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Offshore Handling Systems Ltd
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