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General Description

Loosening and tightening hammer unions with the typical sledgehammer is incredibly hard on the union – particularly the nut. Repeated hammer strokes wear down the lugs, while missed strokes striking the union’s body can cause hairline cracks which are not noticed until it splits with the force of pressure. Replacing various spools equipped with hammer unions is
very costly, so this amounts to expensive wear-and-tear. Yet it’s avoidable!

Part Number Description
OHS-710-0019 HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 100/200/206/400
OHS-710-0020 HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 602/607/1002
OHS-710-0021 HUWE Head, 2" Fig. 1502
OHS-710-0022 HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 100/200/206/300
OHS-710-0023 HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 602/1002
OHS-710-0024 HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 1502
OHS-710-0048 HUWE Head, 3" Fig. 400
OHS-710-0025 HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 602/1002
OHS-710-0027 HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 1502
OHS-710-0049 HUWE Head, 4" Fig. 100/200/206/300/400
OHS-710-0050 HUWE Head, 5" Fig. 1002/1502
OHS-710-0028 HUWE Head, 6" Fig. 100/200/206
Part Number Description
OHS-710-0059 HUWE Handle, 24" long
OHS-710-0030 HUWE Handle, 36" long
OHS-710-0031 HUWE Handle, 42" long
OHS-710-0032 HUWE Handle, 46" long


Our brilliant head design is key to the HUWE®.
Cast as one piece of steel – harder than hammer union steel – heat-treated and watertempered, with no welds, the rugged HUWE®
head will save the hammer union nut. It fits easily and sits securely on the nut, thanks to its long curvature and open-ended guide, tightening the nut in one direction while sliding on easily in the other. Throughout the tool’s lifespan, it will continue to sit evenly and grip properly without slipping. Good for temperatures as low as minus 40˚ C.

The removable, reversible handle gives the HUWE® its user-friendliness and versatility. Not only does it generate incredible torque but, similar to a box wrench, reversing the handle makes the tool even more versatile in confined spaces.

The simple pin is all it takes to lock the handle to the head. It’s on a chain to prevent losing the pin.


The hammer union wrench makes it easy to tighten or loosen unions on flow lines, flare lines, injection lines and high-pressure lines. Equip your crews with HUWE® on:

  • Drilling rigs
  • Service rigs
  • Frac equipment
  • Well testing
  • Production facilities
  • Cementing
  • Coil tubing
  • Fabrication shops

Versatile, safe, rugged, user-friendly and economical.

User Guide

HUWE wrench consists of two parts: a head and a handle. There are 12 different types of HUWE heads and 4 lengths of HUWE handles available to fit a variety of hammer union sizes and figure numbers. All HUWE heads and handles are interchangeable, creating the best fit for the work space and size of union you are working on. The HUWE head can also be used by itself, as a hand tool, to easily maneuver the wing of the union, before attaching a handle to apply the torque needed to make a solid seal.

An important feature marked on the HUWE head is a directional arrow to show which way the wrench should be operated. DO NOT APPLY FORCE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE ARROW. This can result in injury or damage to the tool.

Each HUWE Head is also labeled with the size and Figure Number of union that the head was designed to fit on. In some cases, a HUWE Head will blanket 2- 4 different Figure numbers of unions, and there isn’t enough room to label all sizes directly on the head.

The HUWE handles are clearly marked with their length. They are removable and have a reversible angle to them to create more room in confined spaces. This makes it a user friendly and versatile tool that generates incredible torque.

Download the Huwe Operation Manual here.

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