Riser Wedges and Chocks

General Description

Our new product line of riser wedges and chocks are industries ideal solution for the safe storage of drill pipe and risers stored in horizontal position on pipe decks, yards and pipe storage systems.
Our riser and chock products are manufactured from high temperature oil resistant high nitrile rubber impregnated steel handles. Now available in three different sizes.

DescriptionLWHPart Number
Chock pipe with Handle 6“6“4”OHS-MRT/ RCW/01/14
Chock pipe with Handle 8“8“8“OHS-MRT/ RCW/02/14
Chock pipe with Handle 7“3“ 4”OHS-MRT/ RCW/03/15


  • Manufactured from high temperature oil resistant high nitrile.
  • Comes fitted with rubber impregnated steel handles.
  • Ribbed surface area for extra grip.
  • Available in three standard sizes


Used in all industries that require the safe storage of horizontal pipe. Our three size ranges make it suitable for use in a variety of pipe diameters. This high-risk area has potential to cause severe injuries when these storage systems fail. Our new chock products allow extra security whether it’s a single joint or multiple layer storage units.

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