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Slide Sledge is dedicated to bringing safety and efficiency to the workplace. Our revolutionary hammers utilize patented sliding technology that gives users a single-user hammer for jobs traditionally performed by two people. The linear motion of Slide Sledge focuses power for precision impact without worry of dangerous sledgehammer misses and glancing blows. With the power and accuracy of Slide Sledge, driving pins and other tough maintenance jobs are safer, faster and easier. We have three different categories of hammers: the yellow Multi-Head Hammers, the blue Pull Hammer and the red Precision Hammer. We give a breakdown below of various uses for each of these hammers; this should give you a better idea of which hammer is right for you.


The Multi-Head Hammer is our most popular hammer. Multi-Head Hammers come in four different sizes; all are heavy-duty sliding hammers that use linear motion to deliver precise blows to impact surfaces. The powerful Multi-Head Hammers reduce dangerous, time-consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one man, one tool operation. A multitude of quick-change tips are available for these hammers to make your job easier. All four Multi-Head Hammers come with either one 2” Pin Driver or six Pin Drivers (ranging from ½” to 3”) and a nylon carry bag.
• The 9 Pound 30” Hammer’s compact length is great for fitting into tight areas.
• The 13 Pound 46” Hammer is ideal for most standard hammer applications.
• The 14 Pound 30” Hammer allows users to deliver the biggest maximum force into tight areas.
• The 21 Pound 46” Hammer delivers the biggest maximum force for your toughest applications.


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