General Cargo Handling Tool

General Description

The unique and clever design of this tool takes into account the challenges faced by deck crew personnel and it provides a range of functions to address the associated risks.

Product Name Product Code Hand Grip Style Lengths
General Cargo Handling Tool GCHT18001Enclosed1300mm


  • Angled U-shaped attachment that facilitates the 4” inch box iron frames of open baskets and power packs. Its unique angled design acts as a locking mechanism providing the handler with maximum control over the suspended load
  • V shaped attachment engages with the corner of containers and baskets which allows a suspended load to be stabilised by exerting a pushing action
  • Tag line retrieving hook
  • Available in two different lengths: sizes 1300mm and 1500mm.
  • Attachments in hi-visibility colour
  • Heavy duty aluminium staff
  • Available with enclosed hand grip or non-slip rubber hand grip models
  • Fitted with fully replaceable non-slip, low compression rubber grommets


For use by deck crews to help with the positioning of various deck cargos ranging from containers, open ended half height baskets and enclosed power packs.

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