Hands Free Tools Storage Station

General Description

* The Hands Free Starter Kit contains the following products:

  1. Storage Station P/N HFTWS001 X 1
  2. General Cargo Handling Tools 1500mm P/N GCHT18002 X 2
  3. Drill Handling Tool 1500mm P/N DPHT18004 X 1
  4. Casing Tool 1500mm P/N DPCT18008 X 1
  5. Setback Tool 1500mm P/N DPST18006 X 1
Product Name Product Code
Hands Fee Tools Storage Station HFTWS001
Hands Fee Starter Kit HFTWS002


  • Manufactured from robust Medium Density polyethylene (MDPE)
  • Fitted with secure mounting clips to hold tools in place
  • Overall compact size to keep to a minimum mounting surface area
  • Supplied with 12 mm mounting bolts
  • Can hold up to 10 handling tools
  • Modified side attachments to accommodate custom make longer models
  • Over Canopy to protect from weathering
  • Recessed mounting area on back wall to install laminated area audit check sheet to control units content

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